Do You Need a San Juan Capistrano Wine Self Storage Facility? See Our Custom-Built Beautiful Wine Cellars

Preserve the Taste of Your Wine with the Right StorageAre you a private wine collector in need of a beautiful and safe place to store your wine here in Orange County? It can be hard to find a wine storage facility here in San Capistrano that is a good price that fits your climate-control standards, and also stores your wine handsomely.

Wine Storage Facility Built Locally

Our wine cellar storage units, whether your looking at a private room to rent, or a wine locker, are built by one Southern California’s prominent wine cellar builders, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Owned and operated by Jerry Wilson, a pro at building wine cellars that protect wine from the difficult and unstable heat of the area, Coastal installs commercial grade wine cellar cooling systems in all of our wine storage units.

Are you looking to build a wine cellar, custom built in your home or business? Find out about how Coastal can help you build on your property directly rather than off-site.

Perfect Wine Cellar Conditions

Rent a private room with custom wine racks here in San Juan CapistranoAll of our spaces are also insulated to the highest wine cellar standards, with a vapor barrier, to help your wine locker or custom room maintain a stable and perfect temperature—essential for wine maturation.

Custom Wine Rack Options

Our wine cellars also can be built out with the very highest grade custom wine racks, to your specifications. Whether you need bulk wine storage with modular racking or you want a more customized set-up, Jerry can design your space to your needs.

Call Now To Discuss Your Needs!

Contact us today to discuss your wine collection. We’ll be happy to help you find a personalized wine self storage space that fits your wine collection.