A Wine Environment You Can Taste in Every Sip—Refrigerated Storage in Southern California

Finding the storage solution for your wine collection can be challenging in Southern California. Not everyone can invest in a refrigerated custom wine cellar in his or her home or place of business. And many times people run out of space in their current wine rooms. Don’t settle for less than ideal conditions for your wine investment. Rent a wine locker or climate-controlled custom wine room at one of our professional facilities.

Why Wine Needs Stable Wine Storage Conditions?

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Wine Needs Stable Conditions to Mature Properly

Keep in mind that collecting and drinking your favorite vintages should be a memorable experience. How can you enjoy drinking wine if it is of poor quality?

Since wine plays an important role in the social life of most people in Southern California, the demand for efficient wine storage facilities has been increasing.

Private wine collectors and businesses that sell wine should choose the wine storage space for their collection carefully.

At Orange County Wine Storage Cellars, our main goal is to store our clients’ wines in the best possible storage conditions.

We Keep Wines in a Space with Stable Temperature

proper wine storage conditionsThe optimum temperature must be achieved to preserve wine’s desirable characteristics.  Wine must be kept at an ideal temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unstable temperatures deteriorate wine easily. When exposed to heat, corks will shrink. This will allow air to mix with the wines and cause oxidation, which has negative effects on wine’s flavors and aroma.

When the best conditions are met, wine will age as it should. Delayed or accelerated aging caused by external factor, can alter wine’s characteristics.

Wine does not have a sufficient alcohol content to prevent it from becoming spoiled. Even wines intended for long-term storage may deteriorate in less than a year when kept in poor storage conditions.

Our Southern California Refrigerated Wine Storage Cellars are Located in a Vibration-Free Environment

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Your Collection is Safe with Orange County Wine Storage Cellars

Vibration can alter wine’s chemical properties, causing premature aging. When wine’s aging process is accelerated, its bouquet becomes undesirable. The sediments of wines that are stored near appliances or machines that produce vibration will have a gritty texture.

Our clients don’t need to worry about this, because all of our Southern California refrigerated wine storage cellars are located in vibration-free environments.

We Use a Safe Wine Storage Lighting System

Another factor that affects wine aging is the lighting system. Since wine deteriorates when exposed to excessive heat, we use LED lights. Our LED lighting system is programmed to provide an ample amount of light in wine storage rooms.

Work with a Wine Storage Specialist to Protect Your Investment for Years to Come

Failure to provide your collection with a climate-controlled environment will cause flat flavors and unpleasant smells in wine. You wouldn’t want your wines to be wasted, would you?

Not having a Southern California refrigerated wine cellar or enough space in your wine room doesn’t mean you can’t provide the ideal conditions for your collection. Orange County Wine Storage Cellars can help you.

We value your wine as you do, whether it is a large collection in a private room or in a small wine locker, and we always maintain the perfect conditions.

Call us to discuss your collection and to see how one of our storage units might be right for you. We want to provide your wine investment with a place that will be both beneficial financially, and provide great tasting wine for you and your guests.